The East Kurdistan Democratic and Free Society (KODAR), The Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), Free Women Society of Eastern Kurdistan (KJAR) and Eastern Kurdistan Youth Society (KCR) held a joint press conference regarding the upcoming Presidential election in Iran.
The following message is congratulations from the Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR) for the birth of Jesus Christ and for the new year 2017
This interview was conducted with Mr. Fuad Beritan the Joint Head of Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR)
The Second Congress of KODAR was held on the 22-24 Of October 2016. This Congress started with condolences for all peoples resisting In Iran and Eastern Kurdistan. The Congress remembers the memory of all those martyred in the struggle for freedom. In particular, special consideration was given to the martyrs of Salas.
A leftist thinker Professor Amir Hassanpour passed away on a Toronto hospital bed surrounded by young students holding his hand, the moment was a perfect illustration of his legacy.
The Turkish army, together with a rag-tag team of jihadist Free Syrian Army militants, has invaded areas of Rojava and continues its incursion further into territory that had already been liberated from Islamic State.
Does the word “revolution” mean the same thing to the Kurdish liberation movement and to American leftists who supported Bernie Sanders? A little history...
Turkey is currently attacking the northern city of Jarablus with the aid of Turkish backed Islamist groups and US air-support. Not only are the Kurds and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Rojava surrounded in the south by Russian supported regime forces, ISIS in the centre along with an amalgamation of other wanna-be Jihadists vying for power and land grabs, but now in the north the US endorsed invasion of Syria by Turkey and its ISIS clones is unfolding.

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